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Setting Up a Separate WSUS to Work with SCCM Environment

Sometimes I feel thick-headed.

This is especially true, sometimes, with SCCM — but c’mon, it’s SCCM, so it comes with the territory.

The issue I was having was that I didn’t quite understand what the role a separate WSUS server would play in an SCCM environment. I thought it would be configured something like this:


I didn’t quite understand how the WSUS server worked with the SCCM environment. I knew SCCM managed WSUS, but it didn’t make sense to me how. Why wouldn’t I just configure WSUS and SCCM on the same box if I had to have the WSUS role already on the same system? This setup would cause the WSUS role on the SCCM primary site to be managed, but it tried to get updates from a WSUS that wasn’t doing anything, and I would have to manage updates from it, PLUS manage the updates in SCCM for deployment.

This seemed ridiculous to me, and super-redundant. Well, that’s because it is ridiculous and super-redundant.

In reality, it should be something like this:



  • WSUS console is installed on SCCM Primary Site
  • WSUS server has the WSUS role installed, but nothing else
  • No group policy configured for the WSUS server to point to an internal box
  • In SCCM, configure the WSUS server as a ‘Site System’ with the Software Update Point role configured.
  • Your software updates for WSUS then get their updates from Microsoft, unless you haveĀ another WSUS upstream server.
  • Then all updates come from the WSUS server.
  • Note: if you’re running a single SCCM server, the WSUS can be installed on it as well, you just need to make sure you have beefy server.

I kind of feel like a bonehead for this, but hey, I get it now!

More info on the process here (although my setup is a little different):

Installing a remote Software Update Point in SCCM 2012 R2

(Update 20190702 – Made a note to clarify that the role can also be installed on single servers if desired).

WSUS Internal Server Problem and System Center 2012 R2 DPM Issues

Encountered two issues today that need to be noted real quick:

  1. WSUS was giving me a ton of problems with not updating on client machines. Error after error, and I was completely puzzled because I had everything configured correctly. Turns out Microsoft change their port in WSUS from 80 to 8530, so in your internal addressing, you have to add that like this to make it work:
  2. System Center 2012 R2 DPM was giving me problems with Replica Inconsistencies. So to fix this, I updated it, and found out that Windows Server Backup feature needs to be installed along with Visual C++, and possibly WinRE disabled. Links below.